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    Why run a league?

    Hi everyone. I'm after a bit of information on why people run leagues? Do you enjoy the running of the league or is it just so you can race in it yourself? The reason I ask; I run a league with a friend and it's fair to say our league is a bit different. We are leaning on the role play element of Formula 1 and we utilise the create-a-car functionality for making up constructors, we have a driver valuation model, we have driver transfers etc etc. We even have post season awards ceremonies. We are really keen to grow, we've been going since F1 2018 and are 7 seasons in now so we feel we've really nailed our MO. We are going through the process of setting up a second tier to add to the format, to create promotions and relegations. That is where we are struggling. We are keen not to just open up the league to anyone and everyone so we are just looking to gauge interest. Currently it's just friends and friends of friends which means the atmosphere is chilled and there is a real cool racing vibe, everyone is clean and for any incidents we have an impartial stewarding system. Generally everyone plays by the rules. What we see as our next step is finding an established league that would like to join the family and essentially become a tier within our existing structure. We conscious that our model won't fit every league so want to start on a smaller league with say 1 tier with 16+ drivers. Does that appeal to anyone?