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  1. o jogo trava após a corrida, e da um bugimage.thumb.png.a2f58483e4a4279c092431909436c302.png

  2. there appears the same error code as in my first post (CE-108255-1), also it would be the same videolink i posted already. If you would like i can make a new video but I dont think its necessary or helpfull. Im running a "custom" car livery not a special livery like 70th Anniversary or somthing like that but my suit is a 70th anniversary edition when the game crashes. After I changed the suit aswell to a "custom"one in the main menu the game didnt crash anymore. when Im changing it back the game crashes again when loading my team.
  3. @BarryBL i loaded the old gamefile. afterwards i turned of the internet on the ps5 and tried it with the old gamesave. i can load the game but as soon as i want to start the new raceweekend the same error code appears. Do you have anything else i can do to help solve this issue?
  4. thanks for your response @BarryBL Unfortunaltly the same error message appears when i try to load the game. Should I try to load the old game from the cloud? Cause then I can try to start the raceweekend again on the screen from my team-headquarters. Am I sending the gamefile correctly? .rofile profile.bin
  5. i dont want do be annoying, but please guys some help would be a blessing.
  6. Hi If there is already a thread with the same to problem please delete this thread(coudn`t find a similar problem on the same platform) I updatet my post with the bug template. I didn't know that I should do it that way. Sorry. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Since the update version 1.17 i have the issue, that when i am on the screen team headquartees from my team and i want to start a new race weekend the f12020 game crashes. Error Code: CE-108255-1 (from the playstation5 itself not from the game, there wasn't displayed
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