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  1. I suppose I’m not the only one who is still having issues with this. Glad you were able to find a workaround. Since there’s no trueforce option available on PlayStation(or with a g29 plugged in, not sure which is causing the setting option to not show up) I can’t try this. Game has been unplayable with crashing and a rattling wheel since these two updates were implemented.
  2. From what’s being said here trueforce isn’t something the g29 has. It’s just the new g923. My main concern is that I can’t even play the game because as soon as it starts my wheels starts rattling like crazy, like literally rattling. Something I’ve never experienced in any other game or DR2 until these updates. It’s good to hear from a PS5 owner cuz I’m trying to find out how I’ll ever be able to play this game again since it’s the reason I got a wheel in the first place I’ve been wondering if a PS5 would fix my problem or a different brand of wheel would be more of a sure thing. Are you exper
  3. Hey man, ya I’ve tried all the usual stuff. Recalibrated and everything. It’s quite strange. I was very hopeful about this update but I’ve had no change compared to the prior update that initially caused this strange bug. In fact, when I unplug and plug in the wheel, the game crashes without fail.
  4. Try again bud. There was at least one person specifically asking on this thread for g29 users to let them know if they were having issues. Anyway, for everyone else who has been helpful here and has better suggestions than “hey I tenk yer wheele mite b bwoke” I’m all ears. Thanks all. For reference, I own the game digitally, but I bought a disc to see if it would work without the update. It did but of course that means playing without all the extra content I paid for.
  5. My wheel works with 6 other games, one of those being the first dirt rally, but thanks for the suggestion. If you read just a bit of this thread you’d have picked up that this is affecting all Logitech devices.
  6. Hey, so I just ran through all the games settings and I couldn’t find anything in game mentioning trueforce and as I am on a ps4, there’s no wheel settings outside of the game for me to change anything. Am I just missing it?
  7. It happens from the moment I’m in the game scrolling through the menus. Once I’m in a stage, it’s the same thing. I will look into the true force setting as I haven’t seen it yet and let you guys know what happens.
  8. Unfortunately, my g29 on ps4 is still doing the same thing- rattling like crazy from the moment the game is booted- even after installing the update. So bummed it didn’t work.
  9. The force feedback you’re describing is not the game’s usual ffb. There is an issue with the most recent update as people have been describing in this thread. You just unfortunately bought it at a bad time. The ffb is actually, I’d say, similar to the first DR, but it is more refined. Codemasters are working on fixing the bug in an update, as PJTierny(the mod here) has said. Just gotta wait it out; it just sucks that this is your first experience with the game but know what you’re experiencing isn’t the normal ffb. As for the RWD vehicles, maybe the issue with the ffb is causing th
  10. Sure hope it’s not too long! Really glad to hear it should be fixed. Seriously miss playing DR2. WRC 9 just doesn’t do it for me like DR2, not even close 😏
  11. Oh ya I’m in the same boat. My wheel is fine with every other game, and has never had a problem with dirt rally 2.0 until this patch. I bought my wheel last May and have put more hours into this game than I ever imagined I would; then all of a sudden, last month, when starting this game on my PS4, my wheel starts rattling like something I’ve never heard before....deeeefinitely not supposed to be doing this haha. I just hope when/ if they fix it, that the patch is implemented on consoles as well as pc. Hope to hear something from the mod here or just in a general statement from codema
  12. Do Do you believe it will be fixed? I have been wondering for a month now what the heck happened. I didn’t realize until today that there had been an update and that’s what broke my game. Then I saw it was being called the “final” update which, of course, was quite disheartening. I really hope to be able to play this again. Dirt rally 2.0 is still my favorite sim and the entire reason I got into sim racing.
  13. Hi, I’m a g29 user on PS4 here. I’m glad I found you all talking about this. I’ve been wondering what’s happening for a month now. Dirt rally 2 has been entirely unplayable for me since the update. I turn on the game, and my wheel rattles uncontrollably, to the point that it sounds broken. I unplug the wheel and reconnect and the game crashes to ps4 Home Screen. For those of you wondering about the g29 situation, this is what’s happened with me at least. Forget ffb disappearing etc; my wheel literally rattles so hard when turned left and right it would most likely break my wheel if I tried to
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