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  1. @14Keane14 changing only Racenet suit and leaving all other livery/customisation as they were before works btw, got no crash.
  2. @14Keane14 forgot to say, thank you for your effort during troubleshooting and workaround solution. @BarryBL, I deleted old highlights from my save file and added here. Also adding wetransfer link which you can find full save file, i didn't delete anything there: https://we.tl/t-tOWH4nO8q5 Sent the link to community(AT)codemasters.com @steviejay69, I wanted to remind that I don't own any DLC, only have Racenet suit(which i got for free) and series 4 free path rewards. I can reproduce the issue without owning any DLC if you need any f
  3. Hi again, After 2 practice session in my team mode, i can confirm that changing livery stops game crashes for now. I will let you know if i encounter game crash for a few days. I changed both car and character(changed Helmet, Suit, Gloves only) customisation. Didn't try to change only 1 customisation. Here is my old(which game crashes) and new car&character customisation: Old car: New car: Old character: New character: (Changed Helmet, Suit, Gloves only) Regards
  4. Hi Barry, I don't own any DLC, i am using custom or season 4 reward(free path) liveries. Adding save files, last crash dump to attachment. I will try to change liveries and post the result. Regards crash_dump#746942-20210324-214955-0.zip ghost_GL0015D.GL savegame@highlights001_FOVUPTYXSA001.PSX savegame@highlights001#QKRHMYXE savegame@profile#NXDSMWW.BWW savegame@profile#QKRHMYXE
  5. Hi, * A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Game is constantly crashing after 1.17 update, i saw 'EGO Dumper' in all crash reports. Sometimes it crashes when i load my 'My Team' save. Sometimes it crashes when i start or finish practice/qualifying/race session. It crashed few times when i hit 'return to garage' button. Besides my team mode, i tried time trial mode but it didn't crash there. Happened at least 10 times today, send crash report for all of them through steam. Game is unplayable right now, had no issues in 1.16 patch. * Platform
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