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  1. is it possible to go back to version 1.16? at least there we can use our steering wheel
  2. Hello Guys, I have a big problem. Before the last update, my Thrustmaster Ts-pc Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition, worked in Advanced mode without problems, but after the last update, it only works in normal mode, if I put the advance mode the force feeedback, it does not work. the steering wheel is as if it had turned off. I've tried all the options that the game now shows, but none of them advancing mode works. Can someone help me? Because without the advanced mode, it is not possible to use all the configured buttons, and I cannot use all the features of the car, because in normal mode, some buttons are repeated, and instead of having 10 buttons in normal mode, we only have 7 and I use it in advanced mode just to be able to have more buttons, but without force feedback, it is very bad to play and make lives. Thank you very much