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  1. Seems to be more issues on the XBox side from what I've heard and your report - PS5 is pretty good, bar a bit of screen tearing every once in a while (anniversary races, near spectators). I can't disagree with your experience on controller and XBox, but on the cockpit view, I think it's great; and objectively, the fact that -on console- you can alter FOV, vertical and horizontal positions, angle etc. etc. to get it exactly where you want it, is objectively a big thumbs up from me. I've also read some people having issues on PC if they're not running a pretty high spec - particularly stut
  2. WRC 10 is a lot of fun (the UI has had an overhaul btw). Physics and handling have definitely improved over 9 (which was already pretty good), stages are great, some really SUPERB. I wrote more on another thread, but I'm really enjoying it.
  3. I'm a big Dirt Rally fan, but I've been playing the early release of WRC 10 and have to say it's much better than I had expected (and I enjoyed the previous iteration having picked it up later, cheaper). I don't disagree on the car models, but for me, playing in cockpit cam that doesn't matter so much. The most important for my enjoyment is the feel of the car and the design (layout) and look (aesthetic) of the stages. Graphically, from the cockpit it's a step up from last year (albeit not a huge step) - most notably the road surface textures, particularly on snow look much better. It
  4. I raised this before (presenting on PS5), hopefully it gets some attention and ultimately resolved
  5. Check your brake bias. I've been experiencing a bug where the brake bias gets reset at 50% by the game (irrespective of where I've set it in the set up - usually 56/57%). First thing I do on track is check the brake bias and fix the value if defaulted again to 50%, otherwise it's insta lock up on the first hard braking corner
  6. Hi @steviejay69 not sure about the other platforms but I'm getting the issue on PS5
  7. @BarryBL OK, I managed to convince the o/h this was important and I needed the screen for a minute 🤣 Attached is some terribly filmed video (I normally use a wheel, but filming with one hand - and controller I'm not used to in my left hand...) Basically 1st part is the main interface (after one time advancement of two days). 2nd part is going to the race at Singapore (I didn't start first practice etc as I'm not able to actually play at the moment, but as mentioned I'll get double messages at every stage of practice, quali and race... and on return to the main interface etc) I
  8. First season in my team, time comes for mid season contract renewal, either renew with Jack Aitken or go to driver market. I select the driver market to see the options. End up going with Jack anyway, agree on £2m, 'X' to confirm, all done. All good so far. Then I go to the facilities and spend remaining money on Chassis facility upgrade (leaving ~300k in the black). Advance time to next race, get the same 'time to renew contract /driver market' pop up.... again... 🤔 So I go to driver market to see what is going on... I still have no money*, so can't do anything but move on to the r
  9. Thanks @steviejay69but surely someone in the codies team can answer the question as to what the fov scale relates to in degrees? It seems such a simple query if the right person can be asked
  10. Hi @steviejay69, are you able to shed any light on what the new fov scale relates to in degrees (horizontal or vertical)?
  11. Watching earlier, as you say in game the kerbs in the chicane in Hungary are some of the largest in height across all tracks - in real life they're essentially flat
  12. Changing the various mix levels to raise each individual one significantly, drastically dropping the rest, one at a time, has no discernable effect. Barely audible. I'm also on PS5, with headset - although I've tried audio not via headset and no difference.
  13. @BarryBL Can you tell us what the new fov scale relates to in degrees (horizontal or vertical)?
  14. There's an issue with brake bias (at least on PS5 for me), no matter what I set it to in setup, when I get on a track for the first time the game will reset it fully forwards (50%). First big braking zone, almost instant lock up and spin. For now first thing I do on starting a track is open the MFD and fix the bb setting. If you're losing the car every time you brake it might be this bug, you can work around for now by setting brake bias to 56-57% via the MFD once on track
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