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  1. chukonu

    DiRTy Gossip

    Looks like a most challenging combo of Poland and Wales. I can't wait!
  2. chukonu

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack – Available Now

    Don't understand why people care about balance at all. If you wanna drive it just drive it.
  3. Dynamic time and weather seem pointless on 10 minute stages. It was not immersive in D4 for example.
  4. Rallycross is featured in both games for one, if they decide to represent the coming seasons in Pcars for a while then they might just not bother competing against themselves with another DiRT title. There's no real indication a new DiRT title is on the cards at all. It's a niche genre and thus this franchise is fragile. Competition in the form of the WRC games is heating up and it's not like DiRT is making recordbreaking sales...
  5. With PrCars3 on the way maybe we won't even see a new DiRT for a long time to come.
  6. I'm quite satisfied with the selection of cars we have. Obviously every addition is welcome but we do have a lot of cars from a lot of eras. At the same time I'm not quite sure what I'd want from DR3. There's been some great suggestions made in the thread already especially regarding gameplay, multiplayer and user interface. Just whatever you do don't ruin the driving model. There's areas of it that require improvement but you guys got it 90% nailed.
  7. chukonu

    DiRTy Gossip

    Super cool! wish there was more than 1 slot for Sierra.
  8. You didn't have to do anything, you chose to pay for them. You could've just not bought them and enjoyed only the new tracks. I see this argument all the time and it makes no sense to me.
  9. chukonu

    DiRTy Gossip

    WRC commentator
  10. chukonu

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    Neither is 'allowed', and you won't be banned for doing that. You just can't play online.
  11. Most people know and love it as the "22b" though, regardless of "official" naming (what does that even mean when Subaru themselves market it as 22b in plenty of places) it seems people have taken a liking in it's acquired nickname. I used to be on your side for this, but saying 22b sure smoothens the conversation.
  12. Yep, they've been released!
  13. Too bad I can't be here for the 31st that gives the livery to my favourite R5 car. Will there be an oppertunity later?
  14. chukonu

    Something is coming closer...

    Mariana Trench Rally.