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  1. Hey, can you add audio name "Lardon" or "Giani" or "Gianni"?
  2. can you add the audio name ,Lardon? or Gianni? or Giani? pleaseeee
  3. can someone fix this bug??? I started a new My team career because almost every race is a fuel bug. But doesn't help if I restart everything, really annoying!
  4. I played the story of "Braking Point" today. But when I start a race of French Gran Prix the audio is gone. I still have the sound in the menu. But not during the race. Here is my Report Code: CTBM-AGKK-JBRR-THMG
  5. Hello... i started My Team and anything is gone... my car... my moneys... my hole team... I can't play it my own team. It is on PC
  6. Hello, My Team is gone... I started the game and it's gone... My game safe is gone... It is on pc.
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