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  1. completely agree with author of this post! AI in this game is over-aggressive! it disprespects player's racing line and just pushed me out of the track when I try defend my position. nonsense! it is not about difficulty settings, it's all about bad AI programming code. of course if you set AI difficulty in such way that it is slower than you it will be okay but if I want to have close racing I found AI is ridiculous. you can set realsistic AI difficulty but what about if you drive slow car and try to defend your position from faster car??? it just smashes player's car out of the track
  2. completely disagree! F1 2010 AI was bad??? what are you talikng about??? it was great! AI was competitive, realistic and respect player's car. There was mod for F1 2010 called AI settings, it fixed AI strength for all tracks and made it balanced, so playing career with this mod was so enjoyable! I tried to play F1 2020 with AI and it was terrible! AI in F1 2020 is too agressive, it doesn't respect player's racing line and just pushed my car out of the track! I hate such ramming behaviour AI so much! I try to defend my positiion but AI car has zero respect to my racing line and just ram i
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