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  1. That was it... I had unwittingly enabled autoclutch - Doh!   I figured you missed an "f", or the cuss filter had gotten overly sensitive :-)
  2. I'll look into that and see if it's the case... sounds plausible though. Thanks for the tip and I'll report back to you!
  3. I played TOCA 2 and TOCA 3, extensively on the Xbox and PC. I would say that GAS certainly feels more "simulation-esque" in its handling than TOCA 2.  If I had to compare it, I'd say it feels like TOCA 3, with the "Pro Sim Physics" mode (I think that's what they called it) enabled.  My realistic handling itch is getting scratched by it, but it's not iRacing in terms of handling realism.  I think it has struck a nice balance for an alternative, quasi-realistic racing game.
  4. Yep, that's what I did.  The "A" Button is now unassigned and I've reassigned rear view to the LS button.  I'd prefer the A button for rear view, but it's much better to be able to manual shift without doing a 180 every time I do.  This game is just so sweet though.  I'm loving how hard it is to overtake, and then to hold on to a position once you do.  Once I find the right combination of force feedback and wheel sensitivity settings, it's going to become even more irresistable!
  5. I've got a half dozen Career mode races under my belt now and I can say I'm totally delighted with GRID Autosport!  I finally feel like I have the successor to TOCA 3 in my software library.  The game looks and plays fabulously!  I can't say that I've ever experienced more compelling AI drivers in my life.  I like the Drivatars in Forza 5, but these AI drivers in GAS are more like high quality Drivatars.  They're aggressive, but mostly not the point of being reckless.  I'm racing them in medium difficulty and they are giving me all I want! I'm using a Fanatec GT2
  6. Bought the XBox 360 version of Grid Autosport this morning as an XBL "Games On Demand" download.  I'm about 20 minutes away from playing this baby... my and my Fanatec GT2, Club Sport Elite pedals, and Pro Seat Evolution cockpit outfitted with Aura Bass Shaker subwoofers can hardly wait  :)
  7. I'm 60% into my download of the XBox 360 version... can't wait!  I was honestly surprised to see it offered on XBL Marketplace on day one.  I had read nothing about it being a day one XBL game, so I'd planned to buy the hardcopy version later this morning.  I'd rather have the digital version anyway and not be hassled with having to have the disk in the drive to verify my game which would be fully stored on the hard drive anyway.
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