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  1. I know that there will be much posts like this one, but I see it as an input for the devs. I have 30 hours playtime now . In short term: I`m frustrated. Generally I am a ranked player which loves fair competitive matches. It was hard for me to get used to F1 2020 without traction control, but I was doing very well. Most of the time we are playing with up to 4 other friends in ranked mode. Why I am frustrated? I was placed in Silver 3 and now I'm Silver 2, which is totally fine. But what the f* is this safety rating? It now destroyed the game for me. I`m feeling like I can't escape this D rating now. What have I done? I was driving carefully and yes, sometimes I left the track a bit. But I lose nearly 10% for one match where I crashed noone?! Even if I turn myself without crashing anyone else I get a penalty. There are so many unfair players which just crash you away in that D-Rated lobbies and I have no fun driving anymore as a player which likes to drive fair and square. I`m stuck and with just a plus of 3-5% per good game but minus 5-10% for a bad game I have no chance to get back, even if I want to. Why can other drivers just flank me away with no penalty while I get bugged into the wall, lose a tire and get disqualified? The collision detection needs WAY more improvement. See you Lantecer