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  1. Hello everyone, I found a way to work past this issue, although not completely fixing it, if you do a save and exit, and then go back into the race it let me pit correctly, i only tried it once so no guarantees, but give it a shot, might let you play a bit more.
  2. When going into the pits, when de pc takes over control of the car, it turns right and hits the wall, then gets reset to track, and does it again, causing damage and time loss, it becomes impossible to play the game. This happened to me on myteam, haven't played any other game mode 1144753135_F120212021_07.21-19_51_08_02.DVR_Trim.mp4
  3. It lasted all about 1 qualifying session and its broken again, no idea what to do now.
  4. Had the same problem, i ran dxdiag like steviejay69 said and saw a loading bar at the bottom left, after that game worked, I don't know if that is what fixed it, might have been some other change in my PC, but might be worth a try. Best of luck!!!!
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