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  1. Well. This problem has now been solved. The problem lay in the fact that the gear bindings had been deleted (by one of the recent updates I assume). I had to manually map each gear on the Input Bindings tab and now its working fine. I don't remember ever having to do that when I got the G29 and its very strange that the bindings randomly got nuked. Anyway, we're back in business. @PJTierney thanks for assisting. @michakluk
  2. Highly highly disappointed to load up today's update and see that the Logitech H shifter issue hasn't been fixed. Still broken, just like before. Seriously. What. The. Actual?!
  3. I had same issue when I logged in on my PS4 Pro a few weeks ago. G29 H-shifter wouldn't shift gears in Dirt 2.0. It works fine in all other games including Dirt 5 and GT Sport. My PS5 was delivered a few days ago and after transferring games and saved data across from the PS4 Pro, I booted up Dirt 2.0 to check that the game save was ok and I couldn't resist having a quick bash. To my dismay, the same problem exists on PS5. H shifter doesn't work. I've tried changing the input settings to Manual Sequential, H-shifter with clutch, H-shifter without clutch and whatever all the options are.
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