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  1. Ok my 2nd question also comes off the back of recent club championship events that occured.. Can anyone give me a breakdown of the biggest differences between normal damage and hardcore damage? My assumption is that hardcore means immediate DNFs when you crash into a tree at 120 etc.. But is that it...does damage over stages still accumulate when on regular damage? Also on stage 12 of our final race my engine light came on and I limped to the finish line...this despite having minimal engine damage which was fixed on the final service stop (stage 11).... Can hardcore settings lead to random things like that...radiator issues...punctures etc. Thanks for the replies in advance
  2. Ozzy10owen

    Dirt Club Issue

    Hey everyone; So had an issue arise twice in a dirt 2.0 club championship i set up between a few friends. On two occassions we have noticed that a time for a stage has not been given despite it being completed.. This happened earlier in the championship and again today. On stage 12 of NZ i completed said stage and set a time of 12 mins odd...(cant remember exact time).. i crossed the finish line. Made it to the screen where it shows all peoples timings and then clicked exit to main menu (it was the last stage of that particular race). However noticed when checking the leaderboards that no time has been given to myself and in turn that has dropped me from 2nd to 3rd. Just wondered if anyone knows why this may have happened? Has anyone suffered from the same issue? Really puts a dampner on the championship!