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  1. Actually I found a virtual mirror in the settings. Much better, no need to looking anywhere now. So I put drs on l2 and overtake on r2. Does that mean I do not or do not need to alter the ers 1-3 settings any more?
  2. Sorry it’s a 150rs. Possibly a few less buttons. I might try the up direction button as it I’m diving into the mfd mid race it’s normally top down only yeah I kind of agree about the look back, but in cockpit view I wonder why there are no mirrors. Which would solve that need.
  3. I tend to not run ERS assist off nor overtake button, but thats mostly because I'm not quite sure where to stick the button. I have fuel mix up/down on Triangle/X so they can be toggled without the mfd, DRS has stayed on L2. I did toy with Overtake on R2 as well as Look behind but found it annoying. And while setting to one of the direction buttons might work, you'd be sacrificing one of them (up would be the least used I'd expect). Where does everyone else put it?
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