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  1. If you see under "Usage", there is some code. Try pasting that into a new file and save it as something like start.js Then back in the terminal, run the program you created using the command "node start.js" If your game is active and the udp config is standard amd working, you should start to see the packet data logged on screen. If you do, congrats, you are now officially a programmer! Now you need to figure out how to handle that data. Try changing console.log in this section to direct the packet to a function where you decide what to do with it. client.on(PACKETS.event, c
  2. Google is your friend. Trial and error is the way forward. Install python mac or install node js mac. You are going to have so many questions, but if you know what to ask, you can usually find the answers.
  3. Hi Joebel81 - at the end of this journey, you will no longer be able to say "I'm not a programmer" because to achieve what you want, you will need to write a program or two to catch and slice the data how you want and deliver it to a UI you will build. There are distinct areas - the first is capturing udp and converting it into human readable data. For this, you should probably use someone else's work. Try one of these maybe https://www.npmjs.com/package/f1-telemetry-client https://pypi.org/project/f1-2020-telemetry/ The first is node js, the second is python and you can f
  4. I *think* the position values are in metres so if you knew the GPS of [0,0] you might be able to achieve this?
  5. Understood. Sorry for the lack of clarity and the minor panic.
  6. I think on TT at least, you don't get subsequent penalties like track limits after the first one (Inc flashback which is also a penalty), unless it also affects the next lap. I haven't tested other game modes. Even on the game itself, in TT, I think you only see the first invalidation event. I might be wrong. Usually after a marginal invalidation I get road rage and cut the next few corners and there don't appear to be any events.
  7. This doesn't necessarily have to be standalone. It could be included in the penalty packet if that was delivered every time there was a flashback. Is there a reason why only the first penalty packet in a lap is delivered?
  8. I do understand the issues you would have flagging flashbacks / replacement frames and was thinking about the multiple, partially overlapping flashback scenarios (while repeatedly missing my braking point into turn 1 at Monza). My best idea was that each lap you would have N lives in a counter field. Each time you flashback, that increments. Either / or that with a standalone event packet describing A) the last frameId before a pause and B) the last frameId *not* replaced.
  9. For me the negative lap distance, same lap number on flying outlaps is not ideal. If, every time you cross the start finish line, even if in the pits or if you abort the lap, the lap number increments would be better. My current solution is a bit of a hack but I'm probably missing something. Please explain how I should identify the start of a new lap if I am. Also, with flashbacks, a 'this is a replacement frame' flag would be useful. I get that you can't do a 'this frame is going to be deleted' flag 😊.
  10. Hi - fyi - on page 1 you have m_tyreVisualCompound as ...visualTyre...
  11. Hi - two things you can maybe help with? 1. where can I find the official track map data? 2. how long and wide is the car using the worldPosition XZ scale? Presumably that point is the centre of the car seen from above?
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