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  1. Edit: MauriceMiller has the correct info below.
  2. Someone just responded with this: "I love the shader but once I found myself having to choose between reshade and the eye accommodation fix it was no contest. Kegety's eye accommodation is far more critical to gameplay. Make a custom championship in Sweden with day/sunset/dusk/night stages. Play it with just eye accommodation and then just with reshade. That said, I posted a thread about both on racedepartment and one of the users there made a .dll shim that makes reshader load first then they work together on most people's machines but not all. https://www.racede
  3. I'm just copying the text from my reddit post: StreamVR Version https://github.com/fholger/reshade/releases/tag/openvr_alpha2 I installed this last night with my G2 and the difference in colors is amazing. The sharpness is already pretty good with this hmd but some changes are definitely noticeable if looking at them when turning the shader off and on (END key). You cannot use this shader and the VR eye accomodation mod at the same time but this does an ok job itself of limiting the brightness corrections. You can use both Reshade and eye mod with the .dll in the this
  4. https://www.kegetys.fi/dirt-rally-2-vr-eye-accomodation-fix-v1-0/ I use this guys mod. Brightness only affects menus, I have set to .10 I believe. You need to adjust lumananceminrange back to 600 or night stages will be too dark. I have my brightness in this config set to 1.1. he defaults to 1.15. Might be worth trying out. Edit: oops should have looked at the post above mine a little better.
  5. Yes, 50% resolution of my G2. Which is a direct comparison to op headset and their testing method.
  6. Sorry I'm saying I don't have any problems running DR2 on my G2. I loaded the same track and car that is in op video and I can run 50% and lowest settings and not drop a single frame. If I up the settings to medium, 4x msaa and 16x AF I dropped 10 frames for the entire stage and only 1 in the distance that he drove.
  7. What car is in your video? I want to replicate this on mine. Last night I was messing with setting and dropped SS down to 50% and graphics to lowest with no issues (besides looking like ****). I was able to play on high with 50%ss with no real issues. Are you using any LED control software? My setup: R5 3600 B350-F 16GB @ 3600mhz 3080 Gaming OC HP G2 I am running afterburner, rivatuner, cpu temp, gpu temp, fpsvr. I have no LED programs like Icue, just the mobo lighting service. I'll have to confirm what GPU driver I am on but I do use a slimmed vers
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