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  1. I need to understand the Progress Bar and how it works I am on a Series X and am at Pro Level.

    I have completed several stages with all sections green, only to see that I have not only not, won, but haven't even placed in the top 3.

    I have looked at the Split Times and the AI has some god-level times sometimes, even though I have all green in the Progress Bar.

    My neighbour has had this happen to him as well on several occasions.

    Other times, I have 3 out of 4 sections green only to find that I am 15th or some stupid ranking like that, this is a frequent occurrence. 

    So could someone be so kind and explain how this can happen.



  2. Well at long last I managed to get it done.

    I am not sure what is going on with it but I had to refresh the page and create another championship. From there everything went as it should.

    So, for anyone else having issues with Dirt 2 Clubs, 

    1. Clear all cookies and browsing history from your prefered browser.

    2. Create an alternative account and log in using the new account.

    4. If you get stuck at the submit championship and it won't give the submitted message, refresh the page and do it again.

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  3. Well, I had to create another account.

    That worked, so I am not sure why I couldn't log into Dirt2 clubs with my other account. BUT......

    Here we go again, this really is turning into a real ********.

    I have managed to Create a Club. Ok, that's great, I am getting somewhere at long last. So then on to creating a Championship, I go through the process and get the Events and Stages done, select the Duration, which is 7 days, select the other options such as Had Core damage etc. Hit the Submit Championship Buttom and NOTHING!!!

    So now I cannot create a Championship as it won't allow me to submit it, I don't get the screen to tell me that it was submitted.

    Am I doing something wrong????

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