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  1. Well, Good thing would be, if There were no bugs, but thats unreal. At least There IS a workaround that works for me. Not sure what to do with Split screen graphics Bug though.
  2. Happened to me again yesterday after qualify when loading Race. Tried same thing with driver customization, One for solo/multi, One for teamsave. Since then no crash, but only time will tell if IT is permanent workaround for me.
  3. Happened to me again, when loading Race, after qualify. Had to do the same with driver customization, One driver for solo/multi, One for teamsave since then no crash. Again, time will tell if IT is permanentn workaround.
  4. Similar Bug here, on Xbox One S, had to create separate car liveries for multi/solo, teamsave1 and teamsave2. Since then no crash, Hope this helps for some one. When I apply one car livery for multi/solo, teamsave one and two, game starts crashing again.
  5. For me worked using car livery for single purpose only. When one car livery used for multiplayer, solo and teamsave, or Several teamsaves, game crashes. I created three separate car livery customizations and use them separately, One for solo and multi, One for teamsave one, One for teamsave 2. No crash so far, but only time will tell.
  6. Same problem here, on Xbox One S, game crashed during load of 2/22 practice Bahrain, since then any practice crashes. Tried to reinstall the game, no change, game still crashes. VID_20210404_081003.mp4
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