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  1. Murray will be in the game, on the Williams car. I hope crofty say the lines “Murray walker said when Hill won the Drivers Championship, And I've got to stop, because I've got a lump in my throat'. when a Williams car wins (cost 10 seasons for that)
  2. Yeah all things are good but it’s during maybe 10 years for codemasters/ea to make all
  3. I don’t know if it’s me, but since I use only traction(medium) I drive 3 secondes faster than before (ai from 80-100(sometimes 105)) in time trial, I know I’m learning better the circuits. but if you have the assist off you know what you doing,with assist it’s only steering and 0 control of your car.
  4. Yeah that academy is perfect and that you can see where a driver in F2 rides (F2 driver transfers)
  5. That’s more for dirt or Forza not for F1
  6. + new engineers to sign with accents (Jeff(Britain) alex(Australian), Kurt(American),Brent(Dutch), Jong sun(Japan), Frederique(French), juan(Mexico), Manuel(Spanish), Cristiano(Portugal), James(Canadian), ronaldo(Brazil), Pedro(Argentina))
  7. 1. Last man standing (2-20 drivers NO rules online, No damage, but every lap someone goes DNF) 2. Extreme damage ( every tap is a dnf (online and offline)) 3. 75% races (online and offline) 4 reverse (online 2-20 drivers goes reverse in a circuit 5 laps 5. EXTREME DRS (offline you can customise the drs between 100%-500% 6. F1 my team sponsors (add some sponsors who sponsors the game) the fake ones kinda sucks, or new fake sponsors
  8. Im zeerobbenX and im new
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