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  1. I thought It'd be fun to write up a list of BAD features and things that would get a laugh out of me in a april fools "update" Please don't do any of these When you hit a spectator the series is canceled as is the entire class of cars (à la group b) and will not return until you re-set your profile A tyre puncture is a 5 minute penalty if you do it and a 3 minute penalty if the co-driver helps, but then they've lost their place in the pace notes A terminal comes with hospital bills (if you're in the usa) The windscreen fogs up on winter stages, and sometimes randomly when it rains Sometimes, just sometimes your co-drivers finger slips and skips a whole page of pacenotes Tyres at service cost credits, and different amounts in different locations On ocassion there's a weird noise your car makes at about 4000rpm but it goes away after bumps Spark plugs can foul if you don't change them frequently enough Race gas is expensive Entry fees Your head mechanic keeps asking if "we can LS swap the datsun the next time you crash it" A windscreen replacement is unavailable in austrailia because it would have just cost too much to take it with you, and there are none locally that your team can source Brake fade in the ds21 actually happens If you crash into a ditch and you can't get out its a 3 hour affair and you have to haggle with the toe truck driver unless its near a farm or a town where someone has an old pickup, this has a 20% chance of failure Damaging the guardrails in spain causes the goverment to send you a bill six months after the crash During crashes fires are a posibility and the fire supression system must be used (new key binds) Your manager keeps talking about this rbr game and how you just gotta let him have a go cause its just like real life and he's great in the game so, well, come on then, let him have a go! If you hit and damgage a tree on private property you may be liable for damages, arborists get involved and your racing career turns into a lengthy legal battle What else should be in the april 1st patch notes in the future?
  2. Big vast changes to already built systems are difficult to impliment and I wanted to come up with a list of QOL things that I've noticed that would elevate a Dirt Rally game in unique ways. 1. A better way to share tunes, either a code/hash of some sort or just a .txt file that could be copy-pasted or shared easily between friends instead of having to screenshot or manually write down multiple different pages of settings 2. A way to have the same number of tunes as there are locations, and potentially a second page for wet stages - I would love for this to be unlimited, but will settle for having the same number of save slots as there are locations 3. Actual numbers for FOV settings maybe in an advanced advaned menu and a greater range of values 4. An override for paddles/sequential to stop the reverse lockout/ neutral stick that one gets. I have been caught too many times trying to throw it into first while still rolling backwards at 1mph and it kills me that there is not an override to let you slam it into the wrong gear at the wrong time. Let me make those mistakes! 5. A way to save a tune AFTER a stage has been run that is not a time trial. For example in clubs I have made a great change to a tune halfway through the club and then not been able to save it once the club has ended if there isnt a service after my final change. 6. A better way to see what degridation is enabled on any given stage would be nice, we can already see the weather but degridation would be nice as well. 7. I personally don't like the descriptor of heavy gravel vs light gravel, I would prefer loose gravel vs tight/ compacted or some way to visually see a sample of what is being driven on, on low graphics settings the ground looks very similar between stages and in IRL you'd just go kick at the dirt a little bit to see how deep the first layer was - its currently a ton of trial and error to get a good idea of what the surface you're driving on is supossed to act like 8. This is the only big one, and I think it could have tons of really cool implications - Tire pressure as a changeable setting and having that relate to tire wear. I think knowing you have a long way to drive and choosing to take hard tires but airing them down a little bit to get some more grip with the concequence that you might make them easier to puncture could be a super cool way to add some depth to the tuning that currently the game lacks. 9. A test track that is a LOOP so you can get some laps in that are a little bit longer than what is currently possible at the dirtfish playground Thanks! If I've posted this in the wrong spot please let me know! What do you all think? Are there any really small things that bother you about DR2 that would make your day to day rally experience a ton better if fixed?