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  1. I thought It'd be fun to write up a list of BAD features and things that would get a laugh out of me in a april fools "update" Please don't do any of these When you hit a spectator the series is canceled as is the entire class of cars (à la group b) and will not return until you re-set your profile A tyre puncture is a 5 minute penalty if you do it and a 3 minute penalty if the co-driver helps, but then they've lost their place in the pace notes A terminal comes with hospital bills (if you're in the usa) The windscreen fogs up on winter stages, and sometimes rand
  2. Big vast changes to already built systems are difficult to impliment and I wanted to come up with a list of QOL things that I've noticed that would elevate a Dirt Rally game in unique ways. 1. A better way to share tunes, either a code/hash of some sort or just a .txt file that could be copy-pasted or shared easily between friends instead of having to screenshot or manually write down multiple different pages of settings 2. A way to have the same number of tunes as there are locations, and potentially a second page for wet stages - I would love for this to be unlimited, but will sett
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