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  1. In my 10 years of PC gaming upgrading to a 30 series was immense!
  2. Thanks for you help. I’m almost certain my hardware is running fine. All the games I own from Red Dead Redemption 2 to F1 2020 all run exactly how they should on the relative settings. I thought someone may have known a common issue with these cards or 3rd party software? I will try a clean install of DR2 and disable some 3rd party software and see if that makes a difference.
  3. Just tried all this and made no real difference FPS ranges from 45 at best to 18 at the worst points. You mention refresh rate, I’m playing on a 144hz monitor it’s all setup correctly but does this game have problems with this?
  4. I7-5930, neither the GPU or CPU are under heavy load. I’ve come over from Assetto Corsa Comprtizione (which has the exact same recommended specs) and I can run that on the highest settings at 90 FPS?
  5. Can’t get this game working with my rtx 3060ti at all. Struggling to get above 35 FPS on medium settings at 1080p single screen, with random spikes up to 90 FPS. Yes all drivers are up to date and my hardware runs all other games as it should, it’s only in Dirt Rally which I experience this. I've tried all the suggestions in the guide for low FPS on this forum but it has made minimal difference.
  6. Maurice, Thank you for your idea! I have just done this and it works! I was dreading having to have to complete the 100+GB download again, but after entering the product code it just has to download the DLC.
  7. Hi All I recently bought Dirt Rally 2.0 via the recent Humble Bundle. After installing today and looking at the range of DLC via the Steam store page I can see you can get the seasons DLC included with the GOTY Edition. Currently this edition is on sale on steam for £9.99 but I am unable to buy it because steam states I already own the game. I know I can buy the Year One Pass to obtain all this DLC but this is not on sale and double the price (£19.99). Is this an oversight that the Year One Pass has not been put on sale or is there another way I can get the
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