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  1. I've given up. Pointless playing it now as it happens after nearly every race. Definitely not buying the new one.
  2. Yeah I won't bother with f12021 if this is happening. Pointless and it's been weeks now with no resolution.
  3. Same here. Can't be bothered to fill oit a bug report as it's the same as everyone else's. Making it unplayable and always happens between qualifying and the race. I only play online mode so haven't checked solo. Has anyone had any success yet?
  4. I'm having the same since the last update. Getting annoying now. No point playing the game as hit happens during nearly every race. No other games has this issue
  5. Completely unplug console when doing this.
  6. Well the soft reset of the controller seems to have worked for me. Simply turn the ps4 off and completely unplug. Stick a pin in the small hole at the back for 10 seconds then plug the console back in and fire it up. I'm 5 races in and no issues yet.
  7. Hi Sean - I am having the exact same problem. I didn't see this thread and have posted my own just now. Any luck with it? It's ruining what is a great game. Cheers
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