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  1. AlvaRox89

    Best steering wheel for PS4?

    Thanks, I will look on ebay to see if there are any deals, I don't want to spend money for nothing.
  2. AlvaRox89

    Best steering wheel for PS4?

    Thanks for the reply Mike Dee, I will take a good look at the T100, as the T300 is expensive right now. Best regards. ;)
  3. AlvaRox89

    Best steering wheel for PS4?

    Ahh edit, the steering wheel I had in mind is the Logitech G29 Driving, it is widely used on YouTube by many players, it is curious that there are problems, since if they use it, it will be for something, right?
  4. AlvaRox89

    Best steering wheel for PS4?

    Hello everyone, a classmate has bought a steering wheel and has recommended me to use it, now that I have bought Dirt Rally 2.0 on sale, I would like if possible, that you recommend a good steering wheel and that is compatible with the ps4 console . I have seen out there that they tend to give problems in configuration, for this reason and before spending money, I prefer to ask. The most I want to spend is $ 200, although if it is a little more, nothing happens either. :) I have read at https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/65584-logitech-steering-wheel-problems-in-dirt-5/ the problems with logitech, if possible, what other good brands are there? I had the idea of buying the Thrustmaster T150 model, but I think it is still not very good, since I have also read that it does not give a good feeling when driving. Is there a pack with a gear lever? I would like to ride the complete simulator. :) All the best.