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  1. Lewis Hamilton on 90 AI is able to take Pouhon (turns 10 and 11 per the F1 map) at Belgium cleanly with a minimum speed of 175 mph at the apex. Attempting to do this in the other Mercedes as the player under the same conditions results in the car understeering well off the track. The best minimum speed I was able to achieve through Pouhon while keeping the car on the track was 165 mph, 10 mph slower than the AI. This resulted in a loss of 3 tenths to the AI in one corner. I am able to go faster than the AI during the rest of the lap. This appears to be part of a broader issue as I have ex
  2. Me and My friend also have this issue, We use the G29 and G920. When racing with ABS off, any lockup will not cause the force feedback vibrations to occur in the wheel. Report Code - DBKE-CDSD-MCRH-XRMG Platform - PC Game-Mode - All modes What troubleshooting have you tried? Quit the game, Updated Drivers, Reinstalled the game, Connected to different USB Ports and USB hubs How do you make the problem happen? Turn off ABS, Slam Brakes, Lock Wheels
  3. Rookie Racing League - PC Are you a new racer? Are you a seasoned driving veteran? Rookie Racing League welcomes EVERYBODY. We are a community for F1 racers on who want to participate in a fun, friendly, and mature environment. We are open to racers of all skill levels and all languages. We race on Saturday's on all platforms each week: Saturday 8:00pm BST (7:00pm GMT) Feel free to share this server with your friends, any new members are greatly appreciated and welcomed! https://discord.gg/J2BwuwHBuH
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