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  1. In in the USA but Sony says because I downloaded the game I am not eligible for a refund. How's that for a crooked move! If I had know it wasn't gonna give me my DLC's, I wouldn't have downloaded that version!
  2. Great....Sony sends me to codemasters and codemasters sends me back to Sony. It's a game of **** tennis.
  3. Seems there are a few people with the same problem and moving to the next stage. Appreciate the help and thanks.
  4. Ayarlett

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

    ayarlett PS5 Paid for the Shumacher version but only received the regular version. The DLC part in the game store says I already have it but I do not. The buttons to purchase are greyed out.
  5. thank you. Hoping something good will happen.. FYI - did renewal of license. did turn off console sharing off and back on again with sign out and sign in again. Did delete the game and reinstalled. Did everything I could think of but whatever I did, Schumacher version is never available. Its always greyed out and not available. Maybe because I'm using a PS5 ?? But why would Sony sell it to PS5 owners If it didn't work?
  6. I brought the Schumacher deluxe edition for $20 from the Sony PlayStation store but when I downloaded the game, I only got the regular version. Brought it up with Sony but after several attempts to give me the version I paid for, they told me to go talk to the publisher. Kind of crappy since I brought it from their store. Whenever I try to get the Schumacher DLC's it says unavailable because I already own it (which I dont ironically as I never got that part of the game). Just frustrating.. Any help from the publisher will work. I using a PS5.