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  1. @UnderclassGDfanHallo Sportsfreund, bin mir nicht sicher, aber ich meine von Dir habe ich mal eine checklist gesehen, was man alles vorher prüfen kann um relativ sicher zu gehen, dass man überall online ist, bevor man eine "echte" Wertungsprüfung fährt, damit man nicht in das Problem "Verbindungsfehler" beim Hochladen der Zeit läuft. Wenn dem so ist, würdest Du das bitte für mich nochmal hier posten? Dank im Voraus.
  2. Now I can bury my dreams to get under the top100 in my first championship. Not only that I wrecked my car in the first stage of New England, no...... now it got me with a "connection error" (something like "you are not online into steam") during the second stage of Sweden. After hitting the retry button nearly 30 times, I decided to close the game to drive this stage once more. That was the absolut wrong decision, because this stage is now marked as DNF. 😭 (.... what is of course correct after thinking about it for a while) After checking my steam account, it was indee
  3. Oooops... excuse me for that misunderstanding. 🥴 It was really meant as a compliment. After 11 stages we had a difference of 1 sec and then you stole me 11 sec on the last stage. 😵 Now knowing that you had 2 mistakes within that stage it is only much more frustrating for me.... (but only for a moment) 😆
  4. What the hell is the new WRC wheel doing with YOU in NZL??? 😲 Was it "all or nothing" on the last stage or just your standard performance?..... 😏
  5. Just another question please, what is the meaning of the "downloadable content" which some events contain? It seems that I missed to idetify it the second time now. 🤔
  6. Nerver mind.... greate news.... great job. Thank you all very much. I'm also happy that somebody likes my name. 😉 Of course all the british will know the meaning well. I, as a german fellow, had to learn about it, beeing a great fan of the Simple Minds in former days.
  7. Maybe a good idea, but to be honest.... I don't even know how to sign out of the club. So, that can not be the reason. Thanks for help.
  8. It's my one and only name because dirt 2.0 is my only game: claddagh69
  9. Good morning PJ, you brought me one step forward. The in-game function "where am I ?" found me on rank 1188. That's because I only got points for Spain. But I have no idea why "the system" forgot to give me points for my rank 250 in Scotland !? Would somebody be so kind and check that for me? 🙏 Kind regards Holger
  10. Thanks for help PJ. Are we talking about this URL as official site?: https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/179040/standings/current Should have earned 2875 in Scotland and 2651 in Spain (so 5526 in addition) what should result in a ranking around 120. Can find nothing what is similar to my name, but all the other guys that are near my results. I will check the in-game leaderboard when I'm back home on Tuesday.
  11. Startet with Dirt 2.0 in Dec. 2020, now fascinated with the club championship. Can find all my results in the recent leaderboards of Scotland and Spain. But I'm totally sad not to find my name in the overall championship standings. Any ideas welcome.
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