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  1. That's the plan from no on onwards. Sadly I'm still a fan of the sport and there isn't any alternatives but hey, I can at least wait a few months and buy it from some online key seller for 10 bucks
  2. Thanks bro. Thanks for not giving a ****, charging over 70€, delivering a broken game that will never be entirely fixed and not even thinking about the most obvious implementions but instead removing features and content. And all that while youre smiling at cameras telling the world how passionate you and CM are about F1. I can almost guarantee that F1 2022 won´t have something that´s comparable to the (not very good) story mode of F1 2021 and classic content also won´t make a comeback. Can´t wait to see F1 2022 being announced with brand new gamechanging features like a new gener
  3. I assumed something like this when I was thiking about the whole system the other day but now I´ve tested it and I seem to be correct. Basically I started a new career mode with Haas, put player R&D and money to increased while setting it to decreased for the AI. I did quick practice sessions until I got both R&D challanges so I didn´t get any discount but that wasn´t necessary with the amount of points I got anyway. I simulated all races in 10 race seasons. I´m now at the start of season three and there is no useful upgrade I could buy left in any of the 3 departments. Engin
  4. First things first I know everyone prefers different things when it comes to driver changes and car performance changes. Personally I liked it how things were in F1 2019, lots of changes that could be restricted to winter transfers only and an entirely mixed up car performance order by season 3. I had Mercedes and Ferrari in the Midfield and McLaren, Renault and Red Bull were fighting for the title with 3 out of the 6 seats filled with non original drivers. I loved it. Then in F1 2020 all of this was gone. I think I´ve seen 8 seasons in total, both MyTeam and Driver Career and 2 of them s
  5. What I mean is this: 50 hours of F1 2021 and I hate it. It´s no fun to me due to various reasons, in fact I find it so bad that I stopped playing racing games entirely for 2 weeks just because of how dissapointed and angry I was about F1 2021. However the sprint yesterday and the race today made me wanna play an F1 game again, so I started F1 2020 and continued my driver career. Season 4 and honestly the best career safe I´ve ever had in any F1 game apart from the boring car performance order changes which are basically non existent. F1 2020 just feels so much better ove
  6. 25% races were obviously still short and it depended on real life quite a bit. So for F1 2013 when in real life we had the first few pit stops in Australia after just 4 to 10 races the tires didn´t last long in the game either. They had pretty heavy wear and both compounds were pretty much dead at the end of each stint. In 2012 tires weren´t as bad in real life so they lasted longer in the game too. They had much wear towards the end of a stint but you still had some grip. But the softer compound never lastet longer than the harder one. Or at least it didn´t give you an advantage to run the so
  7. I did several 50% and 25% races now and there definitely are some things that bother me. For example the strategy is way off in many 25% races. It shouldn´t be the go to strategy to drive 8 to 13 out of 15 laps on Softs and only switch to Mediums to fullfill a rule. Previous F1 games like 2010 to 2013 did a much better job there. AI driving 8 laps on Softs just to switch to Hards for no reason and losing a lot of time is an other annoying thing. Also why is the player always prioritised? Especially since the undercut is so strong that you´re always able to jump several cars by multiple seconds
  8. I already requested it last year when I saw it in esports. They could have just patched it into the game withou issues. I´d really like to know why they won´t make such feature available to their paying customers. I mean the fact that they use 35% races for esports means that they know that this race length is reasonable and fitting for a good medium long race. It would still be a one stopper but offer a few more laps to have battles on track. I just know I´d use them and never go back to 25% since it´s to short or 50% since I don´t like the top 10 doing 2 stops and the bottom 10 doing 1 stop
  9. I really like the amount of freedome we already have in Grand Prix mode. Deciding which tracks to race on, which order those races should be, editing weather and the start time and even create small scenarios (Dry -> Wet while starting in the afternoon but with 5x time passing so you finish in the evening or Monaco at night, Singapore in daylight). But why should it stop there? The old Sony F1 games had feature for Grand Prix mode to let the player decide the starting order. That would be a very welcome feature to come back. And with F1 2019 introducing driver changes for career
  10. This year while playing F1 2020 I wrote down things that in my opinion need change or are missing entirerly. Some of this might be repetative as other people have mentioned them before in different threads but I´m going to include them anyway. Overall changes Balance the AI. I´m not talking about the inconsitency from track to track, you can easily find out your AI performance level for each track in GP mode. However the AI becomes more difficult the further you progress in career mode. For example in season one the perfect AI level for me in Brazil was 103 but in season 3
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