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  1. It's great that you don't even get an answer here. For me and many others with Fanatec Direct Drive setup, this bug breaks the game. Thank you for thatšŸ‘
  2. Will there ever be a fix for this issue?? @BarryBL 3 Months now, and the game feels still like **** on Xbox with Fanatec Direct Driveā€¦
  3. Sorry lalyrn, But this is bs. the LG C17 is an actual OLED TV from 2021 with 4 HDMI 2.1 Ports and of course the TV is capable to Display 4K@120 hz
  4. I have a Podium racing Wheel F1 with all Drivers and Firmware updated to the latest Version and i have to set the 'sen' in the wheelbase to 2520 to match the 360 degrees steering angle in the game. The Problem here is, this workaround only works in Quality Mode on Xbox, in performance Mode the steering feels really awful... This is only the case on Xbox Series X, on PC and PS5 are no Problems.
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