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  1. Es un buen camino por recorrer, pero aún queda mucho por hacer. Debo aclarar que es un buen comienzo para que las retransmisiones no sean un aburrimiento 🙂
  2. There are people of good faith who want the broadcasts to be as pleasant
  3. look at the broadcast, exactly at minute 22 the camera will follow a certain pilot what you see is an automatic camera.
  4. If two pilots are fighting for victory, that camera will follow this action. it does not give me the option to move them to my liking. said camera has spectacular angulations. If I could move them to my liking, that would give him a breath of fresh aria on every broadcast.☺️
  5. Yes, the main camera yes. Let me explain, there are rear cameras, cockpit cameras, from the perspective of the pilot's helmet and much more, etc. and it is logical that they are controlled by humans. What I'm trying to say is that if you know the game well the main camera (tvcamera) is automatic, if you run that camera it will do the job for you, that is to say that when following a certain action it will follow it.
  6. We are in the rise of eSport, because the main camera (tvcamera) is automated?
  7. I understand, thanks for your attention
  8. I do not understand your statement? the ideology of any racing game is to seek immersion.
  9. you have been betting a lot on eSports lately, wouldn't it be much better for the viewer if the (tvcamera) were manual?
  10. A clarification. If you could control the angles manually and not automatically (TV camera), it would be better for the viewer
  11. I support you, I wish it could be like the iracing with infinity of angulations per camera
  12. https://images.app.goo.gl/UvNMBTtVph2TcnrbA
  13. a place to socialize and relax, as if we were really waiting for a real competition.
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