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  1. What I would do, is just chill out, enjoy life and wait 😁
  2. I've done a full 100% feature and sprint championship in F2 (grand prix mode), already. 24 races, there has been 38 DNF's and their has only been 2 VSC and 1x SC throughout the season. It appears the SC/VSC are being deployed in various other modes for 'big crashes', like it should do, but it seems the SC/VSC deployment logic is really really low for just mechanical faults. Why is this the case? I've also done 57 laps of Bahrain, 66 Spain, 78 Monaco in a solo career, 5 DNF's and not a single safety car with it on 'increased.' Bit weird, bit disappointed, I wanna see more SC's for AI techn
  3. To anyone who reads this, I have an update. I seem to have fixed the issue by deleting the 'hardware' settings config XML thing in documents/mygames/f12021 etc. This was the only step I forgot to do and so far, has fixed the problem. My advice, don't be me and check every single thing first 🙂 I shall update this post if I have any more problems or feel free to delete Codies team.
  4. A detailed description of the issue. Had zero problems on the BETA. Tried all trouble shooting methods. Graphics drivers up-to-date, Windows 10 up-to-date, tried a safemode launch, running as admin all the basics. Every time I get to the blue part of the intro, or when the official F1 trailer starts playing, EGO DUMP report every single time. (I have attached the DIAG thingy-ma-bob so you can have all the hardware details) Report Code I will try and attach a couple of dump codes, but I have like 15 Platform PC Troubleshooting Attempted Validating files, check
  5. Yeah my bad Pawel, wasn’t really to do with this particular suggestion, because 35% races should be implemented, it was to do with easy suggestions getting great feedback, but not being implemented regardless 😝
  6. @Pawel567 I'm not even bother going to suggest the start lights change again haha, never listen even with some great reaction/feedback for it lol
  7. This is a very fair statement and I appreciate the pro's and con's. From a 'spectators'' view, we do hear the lights and that was my aimed representation (when talking about the sounds and the positioning of watching the lights 'from a replay perspective' - Thankyou 🙂
  8. I have tried to categorise the tracks. Real life picture attached meaning F1 hasn't had these tracks in the game for a long time. All the images of of course the real life ones. Some tracks do not need changing in my personal opinion, some others just need slight adjustments, maybe even zoom out in some cases. Needs changing means the camera position in-game is completely in the wrong place, or height level, or both. Race 1: Bahrain (needs changing) Race 2: Imola (real life picture attached) Race 3: Portimao (real life picture attached) Race 4: Spain (needs changing very slightl
  9. F1 Start Light Sequence and Sounds: We are all fully aware, whoever watches F1 what these are now. I have attached the sound file, these are for every second a new lights come on of course. Attached is a start light sequence at Belgium 2020 where they went out straight away, and in Imola 2020 where they lasted for a little longer than usual IRL. Maybe codemasters can code into as said in the post above, instead of 0.9-4seconds, maybe 0.2 seconds - 3 seconds F1 Start Light Camera Positions Basically, I've tried to find the pictures that represent each track that doesn't need
  10. I have a weird fetish for wanting realistic gantry/start lights and the sounds/cameras associated to them. I will try and make the thread detailed, so it's clear the message i am trying to convey, so that the developers may read it, and I would believe this would make thousands of fans happier and more intrigued!! Current Game F1 2020: 1. The start lights are not the correct sequence in terms of reality. Once the 1st red light comes on to start the race sequence, it takes 3 seconds on the F1 2020 game to have all 5 red lights on, meaning each light is 0.75 seconds. This is incorrect
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