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  1. every year this gets reported and ignored so dont get your hopes up that it will get fixed in the next game
  2. Would love to have fair AI not AI with car glued to the track and without other boosts like less weight for AI cars
  3. I never got any crazy driver moves in 2020 game and 2021 game as well.I hardly even get driver moves, only when i move teams or when someone is retiring
  4. am i the only one who cant change engine for quick practice? i fit the worn engine parts for practice as usual but after quick practice 1 the parts dont change and are still sitting at pending ?
  5. Crying about the curbs sounds like your problem just dont cut the corners and you will be fine
  6. You can only achieve that if you are trying to make the cars go airborne on purpose because i have been playing this game for 30 hours and this hasnt happened to me
  7. I enjoyed Braking Point but i would rather liked to see some kind of story implemented into MyTeam to make it more fun
  8. Lazymasters they said they removed classic cars for 2021 game so they can focus on other aspects of the game but the game has the same bugs as 2020 game....
  9. pashabotceps


    you are clearly dumb enough not to understand why is it that way
  10. maybe you have changed nvidia control panel graphics settings that are overwritting the game settings ?
  11. it would make sense if we can sign 2021 F2 drivers for season 2 and beyond in myteam
  12. I have an better idea, We can sign a development driver to our myteam carrer, who over the time improves and we can sign them to our team later.
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