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  1. corracar

    F1 2021 Wishlist

    Customizable race number and track order in the careers. Fair penalties: if my opponent crashes to me, I shouldn't have any penalty but my opponent HAS! Full car control at the end of SC. Improved team radio, with the possibility to ask my engineer my gap from a certain driver, to tell him what compound I want on my car in the next pit stop, ecc
  2. I agree!!! I thought this since last year! I'd like to have the possibility, in career seasons, to fully customize track order and race number, for example a player could choose: season 1: all the 2021 season races (23), season 2, 20 races, Melbourne the first, Singapore Sochi and Abu Dhabi and Hungary off, China in; season 3 begins in Bahrein, then Australia, Sepang in, 21 races...etc... It would be nice if we could choose between historical or at least relatively recent tracks like Sepang, Istanbul, Bahrein outern, Hochenheim, Nurburgring (the short), Shangai, Imola, Portimao, Vietnam. Last year, in F1 2020, it was an unfulfilled: 12, 16 or 22 GP, we couldn't change the number of the races from a season to the next, and...the discarded tracks were choosen by the game! Noooo!!!! What a pity!