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  1. Lazy? The actual track changes are being done as we speak, the race isn't due until November. How exactly do you expect Codemasters to implement simulated changes based on real changes that haven't been built yet?
  2. According to one of the videos I saw today on the Career modes we won't see any trailers or gameplay showings because they say they want us all to experience it at the same time. He had some details, written by professional writers and the CGI has been outsourced, it introduces two new characters, you play a young rookie and the other character is an experienced driver thinking about retirement but they hadn't told him about much else.
  3. It's weird how people can have such different experiences, I am in season 1 of a new My Team career. My car is mid table at best at the moment yet the rivals I keep being offered are the two Ferrari drivers and the two Red Bull drivers. My car has no chance of competing with them, I just No comment the question.
  4. Not sure that was the point of the original post, we were talking about Bottas dominating in the early seasons, 1 and 2 for example. However I do now feel its not the case anymore. I have done a few careers since, both driver mode and my team and its no longer noticeable.
  5. Why would you think they have removed them? They just haven't mentioned them yet, why assume the worst. Just wait and see
  6. neiluk03

    AI Tweaked?

    Thanks for the answers guys, not simulating or accelerating sessions isn't an option for me due to time constraints but I will say I have always done it and I haven't noticed any odd behaviour with AI times when simulating or accelerating time during Qualifying. I got the Williams fully upgraded no more improvements possible and was only the 3rd best car so can confirm you can't overate Mercedes. Oddly though by the end of season 5 the AI version of Alpha Tauri had become the best car. Ferrari were only above Haas and Alpha Romeo at the bottom
  7. neiluk03

    AI Tweaked?

    No, it was two seperate careers, me and Bottas in a Mercedes won the Championship at AI 88. Then in the latest patch version I started a career with Williams aiming to build the car up to the top. Now in Season 5 but from season 1 had to go to AI 83 to be competitive. It seems to me that the AI levels have been tweaked, not a bad thing if true.
  8. neiluk03

    AI Tweaked?

    Thanks, but to your first point, I played the game exactly the same was like I said before so accelerating time doesn't change anything, I accelerated time with Mercedes as well. The second point also isn't valid because I am comparing myself to Russell as he develops and the Williams develops. Even in season 1 with AI level 88 he was out qualifying me, whereas at the same stage in the previous career (and previous versions) Bottas wasn't out qualifying me at AI 88. I am comparing the situations with exactly the same conditions. Comparing against the team mate in the same car
  9. neiluk03

    AI Tweaked?

    All these answers are fine and I have no doubt there is merit but they don't answer the original query. I was playing the game exactly the same way when I was in Mercedes beating Bottas to the title at AI 88 that I was when playing as Williams now at AI 83. Simulating about 50 to 60% of the races , always do full qualifying but I accelerate time when in the garage. So while these answers about faster AI times when simulating are no doubt valid they don't answer the query of whether the AI has been tweaked
  10. One of my big frustrations is that I just cannot get Monaco right, I occasionally manage a quickish lap (Solo career AI level 83, so nothing too amazing) but consistent speed is something I can't master. Not sure there is a Monaco wall I haven't hit 🙂 I will keep battling! It was a circuit I was good at all those years ago in Grand Prix 2 but cannot get it right in F1 2020. At least others find it hard as well
  11. neiluk03

    AI Tweaked?

    Hi All I have logged a frightening amount of hours on the game and had a few careers so far, I had got to using AI at level 88 using the well known test where you tweak the AI until you are about the same time as your team mate. Using AI at 88 I won the Championship with Mercedes and also had a few Williams careers where I usually beat Russell. I am now in a longer Williams career where I am building them up (or trying) in my 5th year I have all facilities at level 3 but not maxxed and my car is floating around 3rd or 4th best on the grid. However at AI level 88 I rarely beat Russell
  12. It appears on the Steam Library if you pre-ordered as I did but it ISN'T available to pre-download yet, that will happen nearer the time.
  13. Just tried this again with the latest version and within half a lap my game crashes, anyone else get this?
  14. The thing I am most interested in is whether there are enhancements to the Career modes, the reputation system in 2019 is much better than the acclaim system to me. I'm hoping we will get more info as time passes
  15. No Stirling Moss? Never won the Championship but lost one by a point having argued to get his closest rival re-instated after what he felt was an unfair disqualification. Murray Walker always said Jim Clark was the best but I never saw him. I would agree, Senna, Schumacher, Prost and Lauda . Gilles Villeneuve as well for me and have to put Hamilton on the list. Lauda is one of my all time Sporting heroes across all sport. Lost all 3 of my heroes now. Niki, Seve and Ali.
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