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  1. Hi All, Thought I would ask some opinions here before reporting this, in My Team to start with I am just in my first season , 2nd race, bear in mind this is supposed to be a new start up. I get into Q2 and qualify 14th. The questions are based around under performing? Not qualifying as high up as expected type of questions. Anyone else think this isn't right? As a new start up surely Q2 would be the best a new team could hope for. Also this is driver mode as well but the rival choices seem unrealistic, in driver mode I am with Williams and keep getting suggestions for rivals of te
  2. Hi @steviejay69 I tried the steps you gave but I'm afraid there was no change at all, whichever option I try for Radio Output Device it just comes through the speakers as before.
  3. Thanks Steviejay69 I'll try that tonight and let you know, I already have the updated drivers and have tried the jack plug headphones as well as USB and wireless but I haven't tried the clean Nvidia and deleting the hardware config
  4. And in 1.10 , I am guessing this isn't affecting everyone? Weird thing is the mic part of things works fine, just the sound will not come of any other output than the speakers. I can even set it to my monitor (doesn't have a speaker but Windows has always thought it has, NVidia issue I think) but the sound , always from the speakers
  5. I have tried usb headphones, bluetooth and ones that have the jack input, all have the same result. Everything comes through the speakers, doesn't matter which audio option I try. I've tried all sorts of different connections. Never a problem with F1 2020. Just tried with the new patch but no change. New report code - ARPT - PKMS - TPKP - HHHE
  6. This option was the best new feature for me, in F1 2020 I was getting a irrational dislike of anyone called Jeff!! You don't get the option before going to your first weekend. Its in the same place as where you set whether you want interviews and R&D. Once you get to Bahrain and Will does his thing. Go to Career Settings and you will see it there. It's a godsend!!
  7. I don't mind retirements , after all its a simulation and no can go on forever but driver moves are a real issue. I just finished my first season in my driver career , no changes mid term which was good but a quick check at the end of the season and all hell broke loose I chose to move from Williams to McLaren, the AI moves included:- Verstappen to Mercedes Bottas and Norris to Williams Alonso to Red Bull Riccardo to Alpha Romeo Mazapin joined me at McLaren
  8. I have the Speakers set as default, I'll try the update links but Windows 10 always says my drivers are up to date. I'll give it a go, but remember it doesn't seem to me to be related to my headphones, it doesn't matter which headphones I have fitted, even if I switch the output device to a selection with nothing to do with headphones nothing changes. EDIT - The UEFI 16b file wouldn't install, it said it couldn't be run on this PC. I have installed the others but no change so far. All sound options just go through the speakers regardless of what option I switch to. Report code PDGH-AMTS
  9. I have attached the dxdiag for you, bit surprised you can't replicate it, it doesn't matter what headphones I use. Doesn't even matter if headphones are plugged in, whatever option I choose for the Radio Output Device the sound comes through the main speakers. I have tried Sony headphones, wireless and USB, a plantronics device (usb) which I mainly used in F1 2020. The motherboard is a Gigabyte B360 HD3 according to the box. DxDiag.txt
  10. If you are so sure its an issue why not post a bug report so the devs can look into it?
  11. They will need a proper bug report, the template you need to use is pinned at the top of the Forum
  12. I posted about this issue a while ago , hope it got noticed as its never been commented on
  13. Sort what out? The change was made because Fuel mix changes are now against the rules in F1. Wait till next year when the new regulations come live and are simulated in F1 2022, all hell will break loose. As for your point on whether fuel is being burned too quickly then help the devs out by posting a proper bug report, they can then review and see if it needs tweaking. Same with blue flags, report it as a bug and they will review
  14. Yeah I suspect ThunderCats101 is right, I have just had a race where it started raining and after a few laps the radio message came with the new strategy. The track in your photo looks too dry.
  15. I started by using my old setups from 2020, bad idea, you need to start a fresh with setups. I suspect that maybe your issue.
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