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  1. I hope the new Grid is going to be story based. When I play a racing game I just want to race, preferably other humans.
  2. By what I am reading it hopefully looks like the next incarnation of grid may be arcing back to the original ( which is no bad thing as it’s still far better than any other grid). I really hope codemasters has caught some of the gameplay from the original.
  3. All I ask is have a good look at the 2008 Race Driver Grid. A few still play to this day. It’s the only race game I’ve played where you can feel the cars, weird I know. But send a codemasters car in again and see for yourself.
  4. Yes the first incarnation from 2008. Still the most playable of all the grid series including the new one on the Xbox one ( sorry but it just is). More people play the original than any of the later versions. A straight forward no fuss fantastic bumper to bumper race game. Everyone knows everyone, we all have our strengths ( mine touring cars) and weaknesses. Simply clean graphics and easy to get on with. I’ve played quite a few different racing games but this one has stood the test of time, 10 years at least. I’ve asked codemasters and EA sports on several occasions about putting it on the Xb
  5. Race driver Grid is only available on the 360 and is still played by a few of us. Still the best multiplayer racing game around
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