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  1. I did all this things many times and nothing happens. De dxdiag file is useless in this case. oh, and now, when i launch f1 2020, some times gives me BSOD driver related. Not nvidia.
  2. Nothikg happens. I cant play in advanced mode so i don’t have all buttons. Only happens in this game.
  3. Can be a problem with fanaleds maybe?
  4. I do that and i don’t have any ffb in advanced mode.
  5. Same problem here with same wheel. Please, fix this. - Last update F1 2020 (1.17) - Any Mode. - USB3/2. - 2 different PC (one laptop with rtx2060 and pc with 3070). - Tried Reinstall game and drivers. - Updated Nvidia Drivers. - All other games 0 problems.