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  1. SuperSpuds

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Great game love it nearly completed all of the street races need a new difficulty setting for street to easy. Even on the hardest difficulty I still seem to win all my races by about 5-10 seconds with no damage (damage is on full). Not tested the rest yet just love the streets :-)
  2. SuperSpuds

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    For the next game I would love to have gymkhana back ( Not in career mode), More group B cars, and a lot more focused on Rally like Dirt2 was. (My opinion is that Dirt2 is better for rally than Dirt3). Track wise I would like Croatia back and china for the awesome trailblazer tacks. Unlike the last game I would like to be able to buy the cars with money earned through winning races not just unlocking them. Add a set up menu where you can buy improved parts for your cars (a bit like Dirt2 where you bought the upgrades for the higher classes) e.g. new engine, turbo's, tyres, suspension, gearbox that sort of thing. And with that I would like to be able to adjust the setting of various components on the cars. Also I really liked the mini's in the last game make sure they stay in the game.