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  1. @UP100 Hey, someone in our League had a bug today (if you watch it, the renault with the username: "Grunebusch"): https://clips.twitch.tv/DepressedPopularWalrusANELE-OACCc1LkFLJ8B5fJ where can I make a bug report, or can you forward that?
  2. @weisiAUT You should maybe start using your head a little bit. - myTeam mode was allready a mode in 2020, it is not a multiplayer MODE like in Fifa, therefore it doesnt matter if you have the cheapest or the most expensive version of the game. - If from the realism, if it stays like currently its okay isnt it? A huge number of players are casuals and not sim-players, cause they play iracing🙂 - What most of you forget, FIA / real F1 - has a say in the game. If they dont like something, then it will be never in the game. So dont worry about something like "p2w" like it is in fifa lmao
  3. @Ultra3142 It is an invite only lobby, but that doesn't fix the problem obv. Legit almost every lobby bug that can happen, is most of the time the result of Steam connection issue. Im driving in 3 Leagues (2x F1 / 1x F2) and we are using the league-mode for the F1 races. Even there we have the same problems, which @shion13 allready pointed out. Legit every time, 1, only 1 got a "connection failure" or something like that to steam, and then sometimes the lobby is a complete bugfestival and we need to restart. We had following bugs allready: - laps didnt get counted (where st
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