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  1. I'm not sure what the problem is but when I try to join a friends session via the quick menu on PS4 I only have the option to view their profile, never an option to join session. Is there a game setting or ps setting that is causing this? Any help would be great. And yes, I can join other games friends are playing. TIA.
  2. Are penalties so bad because of the limits if programming? Being forced to go wide to avoid contact results in a penalty. Making contact to avoid going wide results in a penalty. Getting rear-ended results in a penalty and so on and so on. It really kills the fun.
  3. Hooooorrrrraaaayyyyyy!!!!! Consecutive races last night and this morning with zero issues!!! (This comment excludes the actions of other "drivers") Thanks Codies!
  4. Will the End Racism Livery be made available again? Seems like something that everyone should be able to unlock.
  5. I've noticed when I pause the game my car just keeps on racing. Kinda like when someone drops out and their car is ghosted and keeps racing. Do we know what determines the pace of these ghosted cars? Also, if you pause while entering the pit you'll set a record for pit stops, just not in a good way! 🤣😂
  6. Are these races ever live streamed? I'm a ps4 user but would enjoy at least watching the action!
  7. Is it hot in here? It seems hot in here, someone crack a window.....
  8. I managed an A but because my rank wasn't to hot I was relegated to empty servers. Now I just race and let the safety rating sort itself out. I stay between a high c and a mid B. You also get dinged for multiple warnings even if you aren't given a penalty.
  9. Here's my fav, Phish inspired! I've gone back and forth over adding sponsors. In the end I like it better without.
  10. Being a big Phish fan.....
  11. Yeah I get the "Oh my god dad, you're in last" as he walks between me and the tv.
  12. Fionnlagh


    There's gonna be a beta? 🤪🤪
  13. 47 over here, my dad is 71 and still games. Of course all my 7yr old wants to play is roblox or plants vs zombies..
  14. Yea for me! Learned something new! Thanks for the question and answer!
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