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  1. Howdy all! As the title states I am fairly new to the grid. I bought 2019 last year and it quickly became my go to game. Earlier this year I took advantage of a nice deal on the psn and moved on to 2020. I enjoy the single player aspect of the game but I do tend to lean towards the multiplayer side of games and I'm hoping for a major overhaul of the multiplayer system for 2021. I'm in the good ol US of A in the central valley of California, hoping to move towards the LA area in the near future. I'm a father and a husband so my gaming hours tend to fluctuate but I'm always down for a cle
  2. This time it crashed after qualifying for Netherlands. This was my 1st race attempt of the day. 5 laps online ranked. There were roughly 18 cars on the grid. One joined just as qualifying began. Report code after reboot: EMXT-TSDK-KGMP
  3. Managed at least 7 races before crashing after qualifying for Canada. 1st time it came up in the rotation.
  4. I've been experiencing the blue flag starts as well.
  5. Agree. Having to pay to play online after already paying for the game is probably a pretty big roadblock to a robust online community. I tried multiple times to get in an unranked lobby yesterday but kept getting stuck in spectator mode.
  6. Meaning you can only setup an unranked lobby. I haven't had much luck getting folks in lobbies I've set up.
  7. Yeah, Jeff tells me blue flags, make room. Then when I don't he starts crying about us not racing the cars behind us. At least I didn't get a penalty for ignoring blue flags.
  8. Has anyone else been given a blue flag as the race starts? I Finished a lap down and never got lapped.
  9. Unranked lobby.
  10. Don't get me wrong... I love the game and really have no complaints about the single player side. It looks amazing and definitely gives you a feeling of speed and driving on the edge of disaster!
  11. I didn't make it in this week...couple of weeks ago..or whenever Canada was. I occasionally go over to unranked if I can't find a ranked race. I'm not a fan of finding a lobby and joining it only to see its more than half AI, then having to back all the way out to the main menu to start the process over again. Or getting stuck in spectator mode.. or getting stuck "communicating with online services" after backing out of a lobby. I've made a lobby and sat there alone.
  12. I've dabbled in unranked. The process of selecting an unranked lobby feels like a technological regression of at least 15 years. That alone normally prevents my foray into the unranked realms. I've gone through the last 3 or 4 event practice and qualifying sessions. Finally had a free minute on the weekend and jumped in for Canada. I got excited when I was somehow on pole. 3 or 4 laps in I lost connection and that was that. I'll definitely keep at the weekday sessions in hopes of having another free moment on the weekend.
  13. League racing would be great but I don't have the time to commit to that right now. Fingers crossed they at least pretend to give half a **** about multiplayer for 2021.
  14. I prefer multiplayer 1000% but yeah, my patience is running thin.
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