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  1. *** i am very sorry... I swear I searched after it, but it showed completely difrent solutions... maybe I did something weong in the filter but I don‘t know what. But anyway thank you for the link. This schould help me out.
  2. I already searched in Google and in the Forum but I found nothing about the delta... The problem is, that at the first page I could not find a value like delta. I think to calculate this you need to use x and y position in connection to the time of the current lap and the lap which is used as reference. That makes it very complicated to calculate and I thought there would maybe be a formula for this. Or is there another trick to make it more simple, maybe I just think to complicated...
  3. Thank you for your answer, but I mean sonething else (sorry for explaining it a bit bad😅). I want to calculate the delta live, so you see while driving a lap, how fast you are compared to another. E. g. You drive trough a turn and know instantly if you did it better or not as good as in the other lap. Another thing that would be interesting for me is, how to calculate the delta to the driver in front in a race. Sorry for these basic questions, but I am completely new to this stuff😁
  4. Hi, I just started to play around with the data you receive from the game. I wonder if there is a possibility to show the delta of the current lap to the session fastest. Like in TT in the game but also for other sessions e. g. race.
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