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  1. aha ricciardo now even better than norris, makes perfectly sense doesnt it
  2. it is an absolute joke. Bottas is a good man and maybe not a horrible driver but certainly not a good one. He for sure belongs to the the five/six slowest drivers on the grid. Especially his racecraft is absolutely bad. He loses literally every race start, if he is in traffic he is completety lost and if he is lucky he has 3-4 good qualis a year and maybe 1-2 wins. he deserves maybe a 80-82, russell and literally any red bull, ferrari,mclaren driver should be above him. from my experience, it is almost as bad as in 2020. In f1 2020 i had 7 or 8 races in a row with bottas on pole
  3. russell 84, bottas 92 don't need to say more
  4. it is removed from the career, can only be played in other modes
  5. of course the headline is somewhat clickbait and the tarmac thing...chill guys that's obviously minor just mentioned it
  6. well, of course it matters. What else would you get excited about at this point except braking point and better car damage simulation. Everyone complained about the outdated car performances last year. if they are like last year and Hamilton wins every race, I can still play last years game because that's not what 2021 is like. Tbh I prefer clean races so enhanced damage model is nice to have but that's it. Apart from that and updated team liveries I don't see much new in this game. we don't have the new tracks, my team is basically the same and I forgot to mention, the ratings are a jok
  7. with the first 24h of this game being out, I am already a little underwhelmed. First I have to say I didn't play braking point yet, so I am not referring to that. Lets start with calendar customization. Again there isn't really one. I thought in times like these, where the official calendar is object to changes all the time, it would make sense for us to create our own calendar. as many races as we want from idk, 8-25, in whatever frequency and sequence of the tracks as we please. Unfortunately we can still only decide between 10,16 and 20 races and neither the track frequency nor the tra
  8. Hello folks, So i preordered the game but haven't really played until recently due to reasons. I saw that they gave away the chrome livery for free back then and I checked the mail in game but couldn't see it. So is my assumption right that you needed to be playing when they sent it? Meaning its not available anymore
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