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  1. Sorry for responding so late. I omitted the *(float*)&.. part because i didn't need to print that data. Here's the code, i didnt insert the setup part because i just use it to config the udp reader struct CarStatusData { uint8_t m_tractionControl; // 0 (off) - 2 (high) uint8_t m_antiLockBrakes; // 0 (off) - 1 (on) uint8_t m_fuelMix; // Fuel mix - 0 = lean, 1 = standard, 2 = rich, 3 = max uint8_t m_frontBrakeBias; // Front brake bias (percentage) uint8_t m_pitLimiterStatus;
  2. I know the post is old but i wanna say that the solution proposed by codeslave is working ! Thank you a lot. I also tried to replicate the same thing with te carStatusData but with no result. I added this piece of code else if (idPacket==7){ PacketCarStatusData *tmp_pckt2 = (PacketCarStatusData *) packetBuffer; Serial.printf("%u %u %u %u %u %u %u %u %u %u traction %u antilock %u fuelmix %u \n",tmp_pckt2->m_header.m_packetFormat, tmp_pckt2->m_header.m_gameMajorVersion,
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