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  1. That shouldn't be necessary, From what you guys are saying there is no adjustment when you manage to make it work. If it's anything like the 15 seconds of FFB I got before the hotfix I'll pass. I might pick up on sale if they fix it. IMO, this is not a 70 dollar game.
  2. T300 Jumped through all the hoops. Dl'ed the Hotfix 0 FFB.
  3. Which circumstances would those be? with a keyboard? because wheels are not fun at all.
  4. I think the issue with the AI is the track limits. Watch the ghosts of those world record runs, cut does not describe what they do. They are meters off track, they cut the inside of bales, go around chichanes. The top level A.I is trying to challenge those top level 'players'. Remember even career mode is online. So ya they are cheating to keep up with the competition the are programed to. The thing that's super annoying is when Codies were running tournaments, they DQ'd guys for having more then two wheels off. Then you go to the dailies and the top guys are behind the houses in poland, flat
  5. The time between DR1 and DR2.0 was about 3 years. An extra year, to line up with the WRC licence doesn't seem unreasonable. Grid looks fun, I enjoyed autosport for being more than an arcade but not as demanding as a sim. The trailer looked like you could call it TarMAC 5, with a fantasy F1 story mode.
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