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  1. Encountered the same issue earlier today, playing a 2p Career for the first time on PS5 (other player on PS4 Pro). The game started correctly and practice sessions and qualifying went as expected. We paused for dinner and reloaded afterwards and we noticed immediately in the race that cars at the back of the grid were all going much quicker. When we completed the race we backed out to the main lobby I could see that sure enough it was now showing as Equal Performance and the only means to change it was to toggle back to Casual driving style. 😕
  2. A detailed description of the issue. On the HDR settings option you are asked to move the slider scale until there is “no visible difference between both halves of the image”. Regardless of any reading between 0 & 100 the two images always look identical and it’s only the lighting around the rest of the screen that seems to dull or brighten occasionally. Not at anybody point is there not a small gap between both images, in case that was what is actually meant. Report Code N/A Platform? PS5 Game-mode? All modes What troubleshootin
  3. Yeah randomly, I can play the PS4 version but my PS5 pre-download correctly updated at midday to say I still have another 12 hours to wait. edit: for clarity, I pre-downloaded it on both my PS4 Pro and PS5. Both were saying they unlocked at 12 today but only the PS4 version has.
  4. Yes just seen the same on mine, Good to know we weren’t going mad all those months ago and it wasn’t quite right but that they’ve now fixed it, 👍🙂
  5. Okay I think it will be fine. Sure my ASD has meant that my need to know clearly how it’s going to work has left me anxious when they keep saying vaguely, it just will work but I’ve made peace with it now. Presumably we’ll install the PS4 version digitally, as we would with the disc version and only then will we be presented with an option for a PS5 download. I’m fine with that.
  6. The technicality could be that the free upgrade, in fact any upgrade even, requires the PS4 version flagged as such or a check box ticked and I fear that it just hasn’t been set up correctly. There can only be a free upgrade if the entitlement is set up that way in the PSN store. In the other 2021 per-order thread someone posted a screenshot of their pre-order screen, so I have asked them what shows as being available for download for them. If they only have PS4 version listed for auto-download then it obviously works in some other manner and as that matches what we’ve got then there
  7. No, no mention of that. Honestly I’m still not convinced that this version has been set up to include both. It’s disconcerting to see other dual format games like Resident Evil: Village and Sackboy etc have have a separate file for PS4 and PS5 for you to choose which to download and this in-game pre-order version not but not time will tell I guess.
  8. Okay, so Sony got back to me and said “we’ve had confirmation from the relevant team that this does include both PS4 and PS5 versions and I would advise you await for the full game to be released and let us know if you're able to download this on the 13th of July.” Fingers crossed then.
  9. Yeah, I prefer disc purchases just because I want to physically own my games and build my collection, as well as have the option to trade-in if I want but I go digital for F1 and Gran Turismo so that my son and I can play together with him using our other PS4. The silly thing is, for all this palaver with the in-game Deluxe pre-order, I don’t really care for the extras that come with the Deluxe version, early access aside and it’s only because it’s 10% off that I’m even interested at all!
  10. No, but it was only late Thursday afternoon that Customer Support suggested that the version I pre-ordered wasn’t a bundle of PS4 and PS5 versions. When I queried again suggesting either they were mistaken or a mistake was made in the set up of the pre-order page they said they would escalate to their technical team but it would likely be a few days before I would hear back from them. As today is a holiday in the UK, I wasn’t expecting to hear anything before Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ll let you know what they say. @Ultra3142 have you pre-ordered either version on PS4/PS5 yourself? If so, w
  11. You can’t buy the other versions because they include the PS4 version which we you already own. It doesn’t automatically mean more than that.
  12. Has anyone on PS4/PS5 actually pre-ordered via the PlayStation Store listing of either the standard or deluxe versions? If so, what does it show in your purchase history and auto-download options?
  13. Okay that’s good to know. I don’t know why PlayStation Support have said that the in-game pre-ordered version isn’t/hasn’t bundled up (a completely different link remember) but their tech team are to get back to me and I guess they’ll inform me their Customer Service staff are mistaken. Can you ask Codemasters to update the listing details of the in-game pre-order version so that it shows PS5 on there, as it does for the all versions listed on the PlayStation store?
  14. Okay, so PlayStation support have now forwarded to their “specialist team” between them and @BarryBL looking into it, we should get to the bottom of it, one way or another.
  15. Yes, I would like to know that the PS4 F1 2020 in-game pre-order link for F1 2021 Deluxe Edition includes Both the PS4 and PS5 version of the game. The reason for my wariness initially is that the external page it links to ONLY lists the PS4 version however every other listing on the PlayStation Store shows the PS4 and PS5 versions as one. Why the discrepancy? I have made a purchase via the in-game link but only the PS4 version is showing as owned (as feared) and this has been confirmed by PlayStation Support, who told me that I do not have an associated PS5 version purchase/entitlement a
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