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  1. A few days later it was back. But I wasn't the only one who missed it. Idk how it can dissapear for a while and come back without any update. But it was definitely not available for a time.
  2. Hi. Yesterday I would like to change some things from my HUD again, but at the menu (on track, time trail and GP) the OSD menu wasnt available anymore.
  3. Hellseeker1332


    Dude what you mean is the old layout which is in the game if you take the "wide line". The new layout looks fimiliar but is totally new with a different angle.
  4. If you haven't took notice of it. A pre download option for ps5 version is now available in the F1 2020 store link. Just go into it and mark the 3 dots. Then you can select the PS5 version. Kinda stupid (especially if it will stay the only way to download the PS5 version, if you need to re instal the game or something else) but better than nothing. Pre orders from Monday on should be able to select the PS5 version after the purchase. (Friend of me told me that he was able to select it) Seems like It was worth it to contact PSN-support and showing them the issue af
  5. Haha. Ja, ich antworte kurz auf deutsch: Bei ihm ging es darum, dass er keine Option findet. Da hab ich halt gezeigt, dass zumindest immer die PS4 Version auswählen kann, dass es automatisch runterlädt (wenn es soweit ist) Problem is ja über den game link, da es da nicht für PS5 auswählbar ist ...
  6. It's about the option not the download istelf! It won't pre download if not selected as one. 20210707_201540_1_1_1.mp4
  7. Ok then just go back to the store and select the version you have bought. Then just click on the timer you'll see and after this you will able to pick the version you like to pre dowbload. If you did it with the game link. Open the game, go to the F1 2021 link and after that you can do the same here (ps4 only here)
  8. But if you go to the store and choose the game / go to the website you should be able to pic the game as a pre download.
  9. So are you going to say that you aren't able to pre download the ps4 version?
  10. I was trying to explain the issue to the psn support as well (including the screenshots I posted here) Answer was: "Thank you for your request to PlayStation Support regarding the game "F1® 2021: Deluxe Edition". Please excuse the delayed response and thank you for your patience. We have tested your case but could not reproduce it. Since the game is not released yet, the easiest way is to cancel the purchase. The amount has been added back to your account as credit. If you buy the content again and encounter further difficulties - please send us screenshots or a video of the p
  11. Hopefully you are right. But to me it doesn't looks like that it is just the auto preloader. Just take a look at your purchases on psn websitse: Confirmed purchases from F1 2020 link looks like that: Confirmed purchases from store looks like that:
  12. That's good to hear ... The point why Im afraid is that people who bought the Deluxe edition in the store can see the PS5 version as well on the website as a confirmed part. As you can see in my screenshot Dirt 5 for example shows both versions but F1 2021 just the PS4 version as a confirmed purchase ... As long as this is like it is we are definitely not able to mark the PS5 version as part of the pre download 24h before release. That's the case. My doubts are also that the PSN system doesn't give us the licence for PS5 as long as it isn't a confirmed purchase. But
  13. Yes, at the moment I'm afraid that we still can't download the PS5 version even after release, as long as the PS5 version doesnt shows up as a bpught version on PSN.
  14. Hey. Just found your answer right now. Posted a question in another thread. Will this beeing fixed so that the PS5 version will also be confirmed on the PSN website, (bought games) before release? Otherwise I can't use the PS5 version to auto download ...
  15. Hey everyone! A few moments ago I just watched an classic F2004 race on Youtube. By watching it I got the idea of costumised liveries of classic cars in the future. It would be a cool thing for planty leagues and players, imo I don't know if this is possible from the licence aspect. But GT Sport has made it possible with the Mercedes F1 car ...This would be a cool feature. Also it would be another cool feature to equalize the car performances within a "group of cars" as an option, just like with the current cars. For example F1 2009-2012 classic cars
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