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  1. I have no shadow issues as I can see now, where do I need to look at?
  2. Holy ****! This actually worked out for me!!! 😄 Thank you soooo much my friend! @insomniac287TAA will do the trick! Not the one with the other variant!!
  3. I know I am a bad driver ! But this is just to make that video. The crash I did is not every race 😉
  4. @BarryBLand @insomniac287: Here is a video from me about the issue, and check the cars in menu's and the pre-race introduction... but when I race, you know what I mean...
  5. I will check some options out now @BarryBL I was a F1 Beta Tester for 2021, and no problems during the test... Only now with the full game, so thats why I was shocked.
  6. Hey @BarryBLIm going to try that right away and let u know shortly oke? And yes, im still waiting for my new graphic card, but everything is now so hard to get and pricy... Hope to get my 3060 Asap.
  7. It is **** on every circuit, even in the menu's (garage) the cars look horrible. Like I am playing the old Grand Prix 4-game in 1999.
  8. Im happy that Im not the only one, I really can't play this game at all cause the corners are very ****** visible. And lucky you that I have done the hard work for you lol. Hope this problem will solve asap and that I can start racing with Braking Point and My Team...
  9. My last name is Willems, Dutch version of Williams 😛 Im happy I can use that name in the game.
  10. Same with me on the first start-up, now no single problem anymore *fingers crossed*
  11. A detailed description of the issue. Hello all, Yesterday was a big day, the launch of the F1 2021 Deluxe Edition! Finally I could do some hours of fun playing this new gem. But everything stopped after roughly 30 minutes of game time. My game settings are fully engaged: 2560x1080 resolution and everything on ultra. But when I was in the game menu's everything looked 'pixelary'... and when I was playing it really shocked to be honest. I tried everything to fix this problem. But what I try, it doesn't help. troubleshooting I did the following solutio
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