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  1. @TheKazzyMac Good point! Apologies mate, worded my message wrong was meaning from my point of view. Guessing that any car someones owns, and if at any stage it shows as out of stock this error will start to appear. If so, maybe?!?!? the simply solution would be to never have cars shown as out of stock within the used market.
  2. @Loore I have noticed that the cars effected by this are bought USED cars only! As if the car is showing as out of stock on the used car market, this results in showing someones bought used car as having a zero value, which then gives a game crash error that happens at the race results page. You may or not already know this
  3. Hi folks, I've found when using my owned Alfa 8C GT car my game/console freezes when at the race results page.  It happened once yesterday but thought nothing of it as I had been playing for over 6 hours straight on my 7 year old 360. After a couple of hours today its happened again on the very same car that I own. Restarted and created a custom cup. Picked the loaned Alfa 8C GT car and everything was running ok. Then I picked my owned Alfa and again my game/console would freeze at the race results page. So I decided to buy a different GT car from the same category. I've raced in it and e
  4. 360 Only due to the fact when buying my 360 bundle in 2008 it was over £150 cheaper than the same game bundle that the PS3 was selling. 
  5. On SP I left it at whatever the default was On MP in custom cups I would set them to very hard. 
  6. Agreed Payouts needs to be higher or repairs costs reduced. I'm working on getting my Chevy Cruze to lvl 99. Currently at level 62/63 and my repair costs range from 27k to 50k per race. Even If I win a full lobby race with zero contact and getting the fastest lap... I'm getting a max of 20k in winnings but the net result being -7k at its best. Overall, I would say I'm averaging -13k per race. The only time I do go positive is if I get a milestone cash bonus thing.  
  7. How do you set it to repair automatically? Its really annoing to have to so all 3 seperate each time before every single race. Also, mind to share your tuning setup? :O Sorry, the repairing not done automatically. It's just something that I'm doing before each race without even having to think about it. As I own cars in each touring section apart from the Merc so I know 99% of the time I need to do an instinct repair. Tuning setup... for me each cars slightly different based on what tuning level I'm at but I basically go for: Brake Bias - rear either +75/+100Differental - changes from r
  8. @sucr4m Pretty much the same on each car.  Don't mind oversteer but I hate having to deal with understeer and prefer having cars that have a pointy front end. The above set up helps me with that and also makes the cars very good in all corner types.  I'm losing out in the straights but thats where adjusting the diff helps.
  9. Sorry, the repairing not done automatically. It's just something I do  as I have car from each section apart from the Merc within the touring discipline. Therefore, I know 99% I have to do like an instinct repair. Tuning setup... my personally perference but varies being on what tuning unlock I have. Brake Bias: between +75/+100 to the rearDiff: Curcuit depending. More long straights its goes towards locked... more twisty ones it goes towards openDownforce: Curcuit depending but my base point is +50 to highGear Ratios: Had mixed fortunes with this so I've left it at defaultSuspension F/R:
  10. I have been repairing the cars automatically at the start of each race. Got most of my cars between lvl 10/20 and what I have noticed is that after unlocking the tuning upgrades and playing about the the settings I was either massively faster or slower. I've now found my preferred set up and very happy with the performance of the cars now.  I've got a feeling that the tuning has been fully optimized on the loans cars. Otherwise, I have no idea why a bought pre tuned/upgrade car sucks badly compared to a loan car  
  11. Race order based on lobby points is stupid. Much like Grid 2s crap in having to start at the back of the grid every last race. Personally, I think it should be random. The one shot quali mode as mentioned above sounds good. But I could see people rage quitting if they mess up their lap I did have another idea. How about having the starting positions based on everyones fastest lap from the previous race?? and if there's new joiners they would start at the back due to never setting a time.
  12. Are the bought pre upgraded cars slower than loaned cars?? After earning a decent amount of in game cash I decided to buy a few cars. Having done a few races in them I'm finding that I'm alot slower. Most noticeable being in the chevy cruize, on the Algrave circuit I'm 3 seconds slower per lap!! 
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