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  1. AI do that turn flat out, in the dry or wet, always flat out and gain a massive time in that corner Report Code : No Code Platform? : All Platforms Game-mode?: Online w friends and Grand Prix Solo [ONLINE] Also Online my tag is sfpaulo85 on ps5 [ONLINE] Were you the host? Yes What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. No way to solve I think there is no need for video os screem shoot, everyone is having the same feeling How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step guide here so we can replicate and get
  2. I saw in the sf1000 manual that t300 will be reconigzed as tgt
  3. I tried to run Lan section offline but I didnt suceed, can you tell me how to do that?
  4. Tyre wear/fuel/ERS is a Must have in this game
  5. Lets push for this, this is a part of the sport and has to be in the game
  6. Now it works to play pratice sessions alone, but would be nice to have an offline mode like that, with no time limitation and less complicated to find, anyway, thanks for the tips I will surely use this
  7. I tried this but it seems that is needed at least two players
  8. Hello can you please add the possibilty of choosing another tyres on time trial? And also the possibility to choose tyre wear on/off? same with fuel, would be nice to have the option of changing fuel amount and make a proper simulation for fuel usage also the possibility to choose to do not have ERS 100% on time trial
  9. ERS mode not working properly with Thrustmaster SF1000 only on qualifings, when you hit the track the ERS is set as ”HOTLAP” but if you want to save energy in a warm up lap you can swith to ”NONE”. You can still do that by using the arrows in wheel, but not using the +/- Selector (see video). NOTE: during free pratices it works perfectly even using the wheel selector. PS5 Offline and Online, Carrer mode or Single races, it is in every mode, but just in qualifing I tried to remap the commands but it still the same How do you make the problem happen? Go to a race wit
  10. Exactly!!!! I hope they see this post and fix that!!
  11. Yes, I understand if they carried over those tracks from f1 2020, but I think these issues with kerbs must be updated, it is so unrealistics
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