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  1. @BarryBL Happy to report FFB is working perfectly for me. That's on Time Trial, Grand Prix, Career (both modes) and Braking Point. Haven't tried online yet, but fail to see any reason why it wouldn't work. Thanks
  2. How narrow-minded you are! Your response serves only to completely and entirely demean the concept of mental health struggles. Who on earth do you think you are to decide how people should or shouldn't relieve their stress, etc? The point of my comment, as I'm sure you will know and are just being obnoxious about, was to highlight that what may not be a big deal for somebody may be a huge deal for somebody else.
  3. Okay, fair enough. But what about those people who use this game as an outlet. You don't know what is going on in somebody else's life. Some people may have incredibly turbulent and unstable lives. Being able to switch on the PC or whatever and just cracking out a few laps in anger is a great way of escaping from the abyss for a bit. Take it from someone who really has been there, if you find something that helps, then you hold on to it. For some people, it may be the only thing they can hold on to. To just dismiss that is rather sad frankly.
  4. That's a complete cop out. Don't have an ETA? Push for one. GET ONE. Codemasters are taking the **** by this point. Somebody found a (impractical) work around. What's taking your team so long?
  5. The amount of other threads that Barry has been replying to suggests he is now ignoring this issue. Absolutely abysmal
  6. I wouldn't be optimistic mate. I'll keep everything crossed for you though!
  7. I think the plod need to be mae aware of their conduct to be honest...
  8. "Gifted", is that what your parents told you the word for it was?
  9. @BarryBL I think those who use a Logitech G923 deserve some refund of game cost due to this. A lot of us have bought a game that your company have continually rendered unplayable. I think Codemasters need to do something urgently to appease their clientelle, otherwise they're going to be in for a shock next year.
  10. I very much agree with AutobahnAssasin, thanks for the laugh Darbar10!
  11. Good news! Barry has been seen as active on other threads. Make of that what you will...
  12. I think the biggest irony of your comment is that you're stating you'd rather have a fix that works, than a fixed that is rushed. If on ly Codemasters had done that with the actual patch, this conversation wouldn't be happening.
  13. "We just need to have a little more patience." Are you for real? We paid a large amount of money for a product that is now unusable. Ask anybody who owns a G923 and is affected whether they'd have waited to download the patch if they knew the issues that were going to occur, and they'd say they would.
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